Out of development and now in the field, Assets & Compliance Managed Services UK is currently working with clients across a range of sectors to install Vision-tags (RFiD/Near Field Communication technology).  Used in conjunction with Vision risk compliance software, any authorised individual, be it client, maintenance personnel, authorised employee or contractor, can simply hold up a mobile phone (IOS or Android) that has downloaded the Vision Mobile App, to the tag to be able to read and/or edit the live data, held in Vision, at site level. 

The tag itself has the ability to display any data pertaining to that asset, location or item of equipment/machinery (or even an individual if so desired) on the Mobile device.  Certificates, documents, even user guides and videos can also be uploaded to that asset.

One Assets & Compliance Managed Services UK client, a major university, is using the tags to manage its emergency lighting throughout its campuses. 

Head of Asset Management at Anglia Ruskin University, Christopher Willis, comments, “Utilising the Vision software system, Anglia Ruskin University is continuing to improve and evolve its asset management procedures and is working with Assets & Compliance Managed Services UK to install Vision-tags.  These tags will be applied to all rooms/areas allowing authorised auditors to scan the tag and all live data relating to emergency lighting, in this instance, in that area, is returned and updated via an authorised mobile device.

The software also allows us to upload any documentation, such as servicing schedules, to individual assets, so when reading the tag, we – and our contractors – will have every bit of information needed immediately to hand.  Ultimately, in utilising the tags in this way, we will have comprehensive knowledge of all our assets, where they are, their current maintenance status, etc., which means nothing will get overlooked or missed and all the information needed will be in on place and easily accessible.”  

Another client, in the retail sector who utilises the Audits Module for carrying out its weekly fire audits throughout its 600+ UK stores, is looking into using the Vision-tags to track assets such as fire doors, emergency lighting and equipment. 

And trails are underway at a large hospital trust who, again, are looking to tag their fire doors and emergency lighting assets.