Recently, Oracle Solutions, a leading UK asbestos consultancy based in Kettering, Northamptonshire who has been providing a wide range of asbestos-related services to clients throughout the UK since 2008, started integrating Assets & Compliance Managed Services UK’s Vision software into their business. Oracle’s range of services covers everything from asbestos surveys and asbestos removal to air testing and sample testing, training and full-service asbestos management.

As a company, they had previously utilised another software solution. While this allowed Oracle’s surveyors to record their findings, it didn’t provide a way to easily translate that information into a format that could easily be presented to a client. Vision has helped Oracle fill that gap.

By using Vision, Oracle’s asbestos surveyors have not only been able to record on-site data through the integrated mobile app, but it has also given them the ability to upload CAD drawings, images and even video footage. Oracle’s surveyors have then been able to map hotspots onto these upload drawings, which provides a more visual way of displaying their client’s asbestos risk.

Such features are a key part of the Vision software. It is one of the features that helped Oracle’s customers facilitate more proactive budgeting as future re-inspections, surveys and remedial works can be set and scheduled in advance.

Additionally, on closer inspection, Oracle had often found that some of their clients, even bigger organisations, were managing their asbestos compliance by way of paper documentation.  Vision presents the customer with live data, which on its own, is an invaluable point of difference.

But what about historical data? Oracle has been able to make use of Vision’s document storage platform which allows historical information and documents to be retained. This means their customers don’t have to start from scratch and re-invent the wheel when producing their reports. This document storage feature has proved to be an invaluable time, and money, saving feature.

Thanks to the Vision reseller programme, Oracle have been able to re-sell the Vision software onto their clients allowing them to centralise their documentation into one, secure online location and better manage its up-keep.

Jess Scott, CEO at Oracle Solutions said, “Using the Vision software, our clients have been able to centralise their asbestos compliance documentation to help them better meet their compliance responsibilities.

The software allows our customers to see at a glance, any potential asbestos risk issues that they have in their properties, and by setting up email alerts, it has given them peace of mind that they can manage their asbestos risk in a much better way.”

Another feature that Oracle’s clients have been benefiting from, is Vision’s ability to manage other aspects of their property portfolio and compliance responsibilities. Vision isn’t just restricted to asbestos compliance. Vision customers can also manage their legionella and fire risk compliance, monitor building condition, and keep track of their physical assets as well as audit those assets, helping them better manage their assets’ lifecycle.

Vision has allowed Oracle to not only refine the way their business operates and streamline their workflow, but it has allowed them to offer extra added-value services to their customers. It has ultimately helped save Oracle time and money and added an extra revenue stream to their business through Assets & Compliance Managed Services UK’s Vision reseller programme.