UK’s leading licensed and accredited commercial asbestos professionals, Oracle Asbestos Solutions, has chosen Vision software by Assets & Compliance Managed Services UK to help manage the health and safety risk compliance needs for themselves and their clients. 

Vision software provides the complete online compliance toolbox to enable commercial organisations to effectively manage asbestos, fire, legionella, building condition, disability access and, in conjunction with the dedicated Mobile Apps and NFC tags, assets, of any description, and audits. 

“At Oracle Solutions, we are constantly striving to deliver the best service to all our clients and with the onboarding of the Vision software system, we can now offer the complete package.  We were very much focused on hard services, but with Vision, we can manage the risks for our clients from engagement to surveys, remedial works to asset tagging and managing their properties in their entirety,” comments Managing Director, Jess Scott.

Oracle Asbestos Solutions are using Vision and the Mobile App to manage on-site data collection and delivery to clients; the benefit being this is live data and therefore current.  Hardcopy reports not only get mislaid but can become out of date very quickly… a situation that’s unacceptable when managing risks such as asbestos.  Vision Dashboards also allow clients to see clearly their risks across any sized portfolio and budget effectively to manage remedial works and annual re-inspections.  Asset tagging to identify, locate, manage and monitor assets whether they are ACMs, equipment, machinery or even areas, is also being utilised by Oracle.

Asb CAD dwg. Asb Dashboard. Asb Loc

Oracle Asbestos Solutions are also intending to make full use of the Audits platform to manage all their audits and upload documentation such as policies and procedures, certificates and memberships in one, secure place.

Assets & Compliance Managed Services UK Managing Director, Steve Aldridge, comments “We’re delighted that Oracle Solutions have selected Vision and have no doubt that it will help them enormously as part of their own day to day management as well as delivering transparent and valuable information to their clients,” he adds “offering an IT solution to an industry we are familiar with has enormous benefits for all.”