Working to ensure that we constantly evolve and, where possible, enhance the features that our software, Vision, can offer, the latest development in helping to manage asbestos is the use of video.

The Asbestos Module within Vision now allows for video footage to be uploaded into the ‘pages’ allotted for areas and individual locations. 

Why do we consider the introduction of video important when the module already allows for photographs?

Having recently undertaken an inspection programme for a client – a London based hospital – our surveyors employed the use of video as the location, in this case, within the ceiling void, was difficult to access and with suspected ACMs, an area to be entered into with care.  

Over the years the hospital had undertaken various asbestos removal projects, some going back more than 15 years, and, as you might expect, asbestos removal techniques have improved significantly during that time; what was an acceptable level of removal then certainly is not sufficient now.  An example of this was the removal of asbestos pipework insulation to operational pipes in the roof voids.  The asbestos would have been removed as far as was practicable (which often left asbestos residues on the pipework) and then re-lagged with fibreglass insulation. By today’s standards, that location would be deemed a contaminated area.

The main issues, we and many others will have encountered over the year, were when these areas were being re-surveyed, still photographs did not convey the amount of debris present and why it posed such a risk to people entering the roof space.  This was going to be an expensive decontamination of the areas and management teams, quite rightly, needed to be completely confident that what was being proposed, was in fact what was required.  The secondary reason was there was a spaghetti of services in the ceiling void and to plan the remedial actions we needed to ascertain which services were live and remaining in situ and which were redundant, as we could then utilise a wrap and cut approach to removing the pipework, saving time, money and minimise the risk of airborne asbestos fibres in the area.  The videos enabled both Assets & Compliance Managed Services UK as the consultant and the hospital team to whom we reported to, to fully see and understand the issues involved and to jointly devise a plan to remediate the areas.

Observing the benefits of using video and what it could mean for all of our clients, we decided to develop the capability to be able to include the video facility in our Vision software thereby making it available directly to the client and any maintenance providers and contractors they wished to share it with.  The next step will be to integrate this feature into the Asbestos Mobile Surveying App and then to the other modules within Vision.

For more information and details of this feature, please get in touch.

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