1. Having all your information in digital format means that the data is live and your information is totally up to date at any given time. If you are hosting yours or your client’s information in hard copy format, be it word, excel, spreadsheets or pdf, the information can be out of date within days of committing pen to paper!  If your data is housed in a software package, it can be updated by any authorised user at any time.
  2. Software allows you to host all your health and safety needs in one place, accessible to all those who need to view, edit or access it. With secure passwords, you can allow anyone in your organisation, your preferred consultants or contractors, access and permissions to edit or view the live data at any time, from anywhere.
  3. Mobile Apps allow you, your staff, your preferred suppliers, contractors and consultants, to upload data whilst on site which, in turn, updates the software in real time. No additional time required for report generation or lost time in communicating findings to you or your client.
  4. Mobile Apps and NFC technology allow flexibility, increased productivity and reduce time and costs in being able to manage and edit your company’s data whilst on site.
  5. Email alerts and expiry dates ensure compliance is met and maintained.
  6. Document Storage gives you a secure filing system in which to upload your documents – past and present – so you will always have ‘paper trail’ when managing compliance.
  7. Online auditing of assets and risks with the opportunity to embed asset information in risk assessments delivers management processes that are not only compliant but are easily accessible and easy to maintain.
  8. The ability to upload documents, maintenance schedules, drawings, images and even video footage, ensures total control of your company’s health and safety assets and risk compliance issues.
  9. The ability to budget and schedule for remedial works or replacement assets by identifying and better managing assets and risks.
  10. Electronic sign-off via a mobile phone and app delivers control and accountability at any stage of any project.

Going digital guarantees flow… process… compliance… manageability.

Choosing Vision Pro guarantees all of the above as well as improved productivity, better time management, time and costs savings.  We know this because we’ve delivered exactly this for all our clients.

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