Many organisations, through choice or necessity, are taking the decision to mothball sites or stores.  If you’re one of those businesses, you still have a duty of care and remain liable for those premises, so please, make sure you do it right.

At Assets & Compliance Managed Services UK, we offer any or all of the following:

  • An audit of your current Asbestos Management Policy to ensure it’s fit for purpose. 
  • A comprehensive review of your Fire Risk Assessment and Legionella Risk Assessment – by experienced, qualified surveyors/assessors.

On-site services include:

  • General security check on all access points (doors, windows, etc).
  • Observational condition of the fabric of your premises (to note any damage or deterioration)
  • Evidence of graffiti or vandalism
  • Flushing of all water outlets to prevent formation of Legionella bacteria (where live)
  • Evidence of any physical damage to fire alarm system
  • Water leaks or presence of damp
  • Re-inspection of retained ACMs for change in condition
  • Observational condition of any car parking areas (for illegal use or fly tipping)
  • Recording the details of any meters (water, electricity, etc).
  • Any issues which affect the appearance of the property which impact on re-occupation
  • All the above to be contained in an electronic report supported by photographic evidence.

The frequency of the inspections is subject to your insurer’s requirements and your own policy.

If now would be a good time for you to assess your health and safety policies and think ahead to employees returning to work, we can help with that too.