M-Four has selected Assets & Compliance Managed Services UK’s Vision software fire risk management services to manage and administrate to its client base.  M-Four is a forward-thinking business, focused on driving change and bringing excellence to the social housing sector in Scotland. Implementing practical, progressive solutions with expertise and enthusiasm, whilst remaining truly devoted to their overarching goal: to look after our planet and the people living on it.

M-Four are utilising the Audits Module, in which the latest Fire Risk Assessment has been created, and the near field communication, Vision-tags, to tag emergency assets. 

“We have deployed Vision-tags to several sites and we already see the benefit of the system. We can see when inspections are complete with real-time reporting. I think this project is a game-changer when it comes to validating compliance,” David Falla MSc IEng MIET CIWFM, Associate Director.

In adopting the NFC technology to work in conjunction with the Vision Mobile App and Vision software, tags can be uploaded at site, building, floor, even room level, scanned using an IOS or Android Mobile Phone (with App) to retrieve live data relating to that business. 

Mobile App Vision tag view 3
Near Field Communication Technology – the Vision-tag


Vision Tags icon colour

Managing Director, Steve Aldridge, comments “A number of clients are using the Vision-tags to identify and locate asbestos data.  Using the tags, the contractors or staff don’t need to refer to a site register, the latest (or often, out of date) Asbestos Survey Report, or even log-in, as the tag provides these details automatically.  Other clients are using the tags to locate, identify and monitor assets.  So many organisations have little knowledge of what assets they own and what condition they’re in and that makes running a successful organisation neigh-on impossible.  With the ability to identify assets, the software allows for the uploading of documents such as maintenance and service schedules, images, drawings, plans, how to guides and even video footage, thereby hosting all relevant information and documentation in one, secure place.”

Steve adds, “We’re delighted to have M-Four on board.  They knew exactly what they wanted and picked up the Vision software really quickly, writing their own templates with the bare minimum of training, which is also a testament to the software itself.  They really knew what they were doing and are extremely focused, not just for themselves, but in delivering the best for their clients.” 

Steve Aldridge MD large image
Steve Aldridge, Managing Director, Assets & Compliance Managed Services UK