Vision Reseller Opportunities

Interested in re-selling or white labelling Vision software?

Interested in re-selling or white labelling Vision software overseas?

With our track record and experience in the UK, we at Assets & Compliance Managed Services UK believe that we have barely scratched the surface in getting Vision software and its Mobile Apps to those that would benefit from it.. afterall, the world is a big place!

We also believe that in order to continue our own ethos of delivering excellent service, some opportunities are better served by those who know their market best.  It is for that reason that Assets & Compliance Managed Services UK is providing a fantastic white label opportunity to others wanting to offer Vision software, its products, services and values in their region of choice.

What Vision and its products offers you is the opportunity, without the outlay, to earn limitless recurring revenue!  The potential for profit is, quite simply, immeasurable.

A taster..

At Assets & Compliance Managed Services UK we have always put the client at the forefront of what we do and in doing so, have always delivered quality and reliability and have been – and continue to be – extremely competitively priced.  As you, the reseller, are in effect our client, we will always hold ourselves to the same exacting standards, treating you fairly and adhere to the core values of Assets & Compliance Managed Services UK, one of which is honesty.

Vision software, its Mobile Apps and Vision-tags are wholly owned by Assets & Compliance Managed Services UK.  The software is modular so a client can select which modules they choose to run.  It is also customisable offering the end user total flexibility.

Assets & Compliance Managed Services UK provide in-house IT and marketing support for the software, mobile apps and its developments.

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In Partnership...

In Partnership...

At Assets & Compliance Managed Services UK we work with a number of resellers and consultancies, each with different needs and very different markets.

Consultants that operate in the health and safety sector who might already be providing hard services such as asbestos removals and management, fire risk assessors, legionella risk assessors and so on, are utilising Vision and its services for their own in-house requirements AND extending the software to their managed clients, thereby providing added value in how they deliver and run their clients’ risk compliance and health & safety operations.

Software consultancies see the value in Vision as an extension of the software services they already provide clients.