Property Manager or Owner

As a Property Manager you need to be able to see any risk, actions, remedial works and even associated costs to enable you to effectively manage your premises; even more so if you manage more than one site or your site is large and sprawling.  The Vision Dashboard provides clear and current data that allows you to do just that.

Vision Tag
Vision Tag

Vision delivers live data to all those that use it.  It’s easy to navigate and simple to understand.  The RAG system (red, amber, green) provides clear understanding of where any risks or overdue actions reside in a client’s portfolio.

You can set up regular email alerts – as frequently as you wish… daily, weekly, monthly, etc., – sending them directly to whomever is responsible for managing the relevant elements/areas.

You can download excel spreadsheets that show you what actions are required, by whom and when.

You can use the map to maximise productivity in scheduling works, inspections or surveys at your premises around the UK and Ireland.   It also highlights works and regions where jobs are outstanding and, more importantly, shows non-compliance if works have been forgotten or are overdue.

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At Assets & Compliance Managed Services UK we recognise that the importance of being able to maximise productivity throughout any business, and in using the Vision Mobile App, in conjunction with the software, surveyors, consultants and assessors are able to stay in the field for longer.  The App allows the user to update site information directly into the software, meaning that not only is the live data immediately ready and available to anyone that needs to access it but that the consultant doesn’t waste time in the office writing up reports.

Vision Pro Software

In understanding a client’s business and their needs, Assets & Compliance Managed Services UK are better able to help any organisation, whatever sector, however large or small, gather the live business intelligence needed to help deliver growth, compliance and profitability.  We know this, because it’s what we do on a day-to-day basis for all our managed clients.