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Through multiple platforms, Vision delivers a secure, centralised, easily accessible cloud-based workspace

Through multiple platforms, Vision delivers a secure, centralised, easily accessible cloud-based workspace that allows you to manage and store documentation of any description.  From historic data to current IMS documents, CAD drawings and plans to video footage.  Across the system, the software supports the uploading and downloading of information and live data at desk or mobile level.  With permissions in place, access can be granted to your peers, employees, preferred contractors, consultants and service personnel.

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“With more than 200 properties in and around Belfast, the Education Authority NI found that maintaining its antiquated asbestos management system was time-consuming and inefficient.

Our asbestos management information was stored on an internal server and we were spending far too much time manually uploading the information from survey and removal documents. There was a lack of consistency and control with the existing system and sharing information contained in a variety of different systems was a problem.

Vision has revolutionised the way asbestos data is stored and utilised within the organisation. We are now able to provide surveyors and contractors with remote access to the system which enables them to directly update the data on site. Previously we received the documents in PDF format and someone had to manually transfer the information onto the server based system.

As part of the process Assets & Compliance Managed Services UK conducted a full data cleanse of all the asbestos management documents to ensure the quality of the existing data.  This helped us to quickly identify any gaps or errors, allowing necessary works and surveys to be scheduled more productively.”

Michael Thomson

Environmental Hazards Unit Manager, Education Authority NI

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