Vision Pro Software is a Secure, Cloud-Based Property Management Software Solution for all Risk Compliance, Assets and Audits

Why Choose Vision Pro?

Vision Pro is a software solution designed to assist organisations, no matter what size, manage their properties, buildings and sites. Totally secure but easily navigable, Vision Pro allows you, your contractors, consultants, suppliers and staff to access live data from anywhere at any time. With Vision Pro you can focus on what matters most… driving your business forward.
icon Property Estate Mgmt

Property/Estate Management

Collate real-time data in a structured, centralised database giving you full access to all your risk compliance, assets, audits and maintenance management information.

icon Site Management

Site Management

Identify, manage and maintain everything from asbestos to fire and legionella risk assessments, to audits and tagging your organisation’s valuable assets.

icon Workplace Mgmt

Workplace Management

Vision delivers a secure, centralised, easily accessible cloud-based workspace that allows you to manage, store share documentation.

icon Asset Mtnce Mgmt

Asset & Maintenance Management

A combination of single source software, bespoke Mobile Apps and Near Field Communication (RFiD) technology combine to deliver live asset data for your business.

icon Integrated mgmt System

Integrated Management System

Upload documentation in one centralised database and carry out integrated audits across your business, monitor efficiencies, savings, policies and procedures easily.

icon sustainability

Sustainability & Net Zero Frameworks

Address the challenge of incorporating sustainability into everyday working practices; the ability to manage and balance these goals is becoming ever-more important.

All in One, Fully Customisable Solution

Vision Pro has been created by industry experts, developed by software specialists and continually evolved by our clients. We recognise that each client, whether they are in the same sector or not, is unique, so we’ve made the system flexible and customisable to suit each individual organisation’s needs.

With measurable results, Vision Pro will save you time and money and increase your organisation’s productivity and efficiency.

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Manage your organisation’s assets' lifespan from servicing/maintenance to replacement costs using the Vision software and give your company the edge with the right business intelligence

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The Vision software allows you to customised or replicated audit templates to help you manage every aspect of your business efficiently and effectively

home icon vision asbestos white


It’s a legal requirement to manage your asbestos risk. Make the system work for you; the Vision software is not just a compliance tool.

home icon vision building condition white

Building Condition

The Vision software enables you to deliver business intelligence on the condition of your premises. Manage renovations, schedule maintenance and budget for refurbishments.

home icon vision fire white


The Vision software is a total fire risk management solution and includes bespoke or industry standard FRA templates, fire safety & emergency assets management - compliance and confidence as standard.

home icon vision legionella white


Using the VIsion software you are able to achieve total legionella risk management including industry-standard legionella assessment template, water assets management and remote monitoring.

Features & Benefits

Live, Current Data


NFC Technology for H&S / Property Asset Management

Strategic Business Intelligence

Identify, Manage, Monitor, Track & Collaborate

Mobile App for On-Site H&S Management


Clear Visibility of Risks & Non-Compliance


Identify, prioritise & schedule works & actions

CAD Drawings, Plans, Images & Video Footage Collaboration

Which Module Is Right For You?

Property Manager or Owner

Delivering information in a way that makes it easier for you to do what you do best… manage your premises.

Surveyor / Consultant

Providing you with the complete software toolbox to deliver compliance, asset and audit information at the touch of a button.

Our Clients

Let’s Get Started…

To find out more about the Vision, it’s individual or collaborative software platforms or how your organisation can benefit from the use of the Vision-tags (using NFC technology), simply call 0115 922 0600 or email to talk to one of our friendly team or to set up a no-nonsense on-line demo.

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