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The Property Management Online Toolbox Helping You Manage Your Risk Compliance, Assets And Audits

The perfect assets, audits and risk compliance software management solution providing secure, centralised, business intelligence

Vision Pro Software is a totally secure, cloud-based system that allows easy access to those who need it. Vision Pro delivers an innovative and intuitive approach proven to use existing resources more efficiently and offers a clear operational solution with financially measurable results. In essence, this is a property management software solution that helps you manage your risk complainace so that you become and remain compliant. Vision Pro delivers business intelligence in a completely transparent and easily navigable system.

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If the thought of transitioning from your current system, be it paper-based or another software package that’s no longer fit for purpose, is daunting, don’t worry, we can help with that. Also, the Document Storage facility within the Vision software allows you to upload historic information, so nothing is lost.

With Vision Pro, you can select which platform you want from a suite of different modules. Whatever your requirements, the data is live and will ensure compliance, control and continuity.

With permissions in place, your consultants, contractors, suppliers and surveyors can utilise the software solutions using the Vision Mobile App allowing them to view, capture and edit data at site level and allowing you, the client, access to that live data immediately an internet connection becomes available.

With dashboards that highlight where any risks lie, you have a clear picture of your current situation. This information is invaluable in allowing you to schedule and budget for repairs, inspections or remedial works.

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Manage your organisation’s assets' lifespan from servicing/maintenance to replacement costs using the Vision software and give your company the edge with the right business intelligence

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The Vision software allows you to customised or replicated audit templates to help you manage every aspect of your business efficiently and effectively

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It’s a legal requirement to manage your asbestos risk. Make the system work for you; the Vision software is not just a compliance tool.

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Building Condition

The Vision software enables you to deliver business intelligence on the condition of your premises. Manage renovations, schedule maintenance and budget for refurbishments.

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The Vision software is a total fire risk management solution and includes bespoke or industry standard FRA templates, fire safety & emergency assets management - compliance and confidence as standard.

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Using the VIsion software you are able to achieve total legionella risk management including industry-standard legionella assessment template, water assets management and remote monitoring.

Features & Benefits

Secure, Cloud Based System


Fully Customisable Reporting


Identify & Prioritise Urgent Works


Upload & Print Procedures & Plans


NFC Technology (Vision-tags)

Business Intelligence & Compliance as standard

Monitor, Track & Update

Mobile App for On-Site Data Collection

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