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About Assets & Compliance Managed Services UK and Vision

Assets & Compliance Managed Services UK was established in 2003 with the aim of providing a better, more transparent and collaborative, cost and resource effective asbestos risk management solution for clients of any sector.  Since that time the software has evolved to incorporate all compliance risks such as fire, legionella, disability access and building condition.


More recently, in response to clients’ and the wider business community’s needs, the system delivers the perfect management tool for assets – of any description – and audits.  Subsequent smart software solutions includes the use of mobile phones for onsite data collection and the scanning of NFC (near field communication) tags to locate, identify, manage and monitor anything from ACMs (Asbestos Containing Materials) to individual assets of any description.




When setting out, Assets & Compliance Managed Services UK undertook the challenge to deliver the perfect software risk compliance toolbox by taking their developers into the field to get a better understanding of what contractors, consultants and surveyors need, how they interact with the system and, ultimately, what’s possible and what’s not when facing the physical demands of onsite data collection.


Also, in listening to clients, individually and collectively, Assets & Compliance Managed Services UK was able to deliver that data in ways that are simple to understand and easy to work with, such as the RAG (red, amber, green) system which provides clarity of where any risks or out of date actions reside in a client’s portfolio.


In understanding a client’s business and their needs, Assets & Compliance Managed Services UK are better able to help any organisation, whatever sector, however large or small, gather the live business intelligence needed to help deliver growth, compliance and profitability.



Our History & Vision Pro Evolution


At ACMS UK, we created Vision because, back in the early 2000’s there was little or even zero options when it came to managing asbestos.  If an organisation was made aware that their building had asbestos, the general consensus was to remove it and that meant serious expenditure.

With experience and knowledge, it was then widely accepted that you didn’t have to go to the expense of removing asbestos, and that you could proactively manage the risk.  It was, and is of course, more cost effective and completely safe if managed properly.  And that’s where software came in and why we created Vision.


In managing the asbestos safely, proactively and cost-effectively, a software package that not only hosted survey information but delivered that information as live data and offered managers and owners a proactive way to manage asbestos that met compliance, Vision found its niche.

Being an asbestos surveyor many moons ago, I was able to use my experience in the field to create, with qualified software and IT designers, a system that was, and is, user friendly and able to deliver data needed by all those who need to read, edit or oversee it.


Vision has continued to evolve. By clients, by our own development and surveying teams and by the health and safety operations of any organisation and any sector.  So now Vision is THE all-round property management and risk compliance software tool.  Vision has progressed to include ALL risk elements from asbestos to fire, legionella to building condition, and also delivers integrated assets and audits platforms. Everything you need to safely manage your property portfolio.


Vision, and latterly Vision Pro, have delivered clients such as WHSmith, New Look Retailers, Iron Mountain, UKAEA, universities, housing and hospital trusts, continuous compliance, productivity and cost savings across the board.



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