2022 sees the launch on the new User Interface for Vision Software… Vision Pro.  Our developers have taken this opportunity to not only polish the external look of the software but to make the journey time quicker and more efficient, to enhance the features offered by each platform, and to add new facilities and opportunities to, and for, those using the software.  Users will find the software slick, professional, all-encompassing, and above all, easy to use.

We are gearing up for the first phase BETA testing and if that’s something you’d like to involved with… get in touch!

Below are the videos for each of the software platforms and enhancements which will give you a taste of what’s to come.

Asset Tagging

Vision Pro Software uses tags to enable clients, contractors and/or consultants to tag assets, carry out audits such as fire risk or legionella, H&S and maintenance, and identify ACMs (Asbestos Containing Materials).  The tags can be of any description and attached to anything… equipment, plant, machinery or at the entrance to a room, floor, building or site.

Asset Management

Vision Pro Software allows you to compile an asset register, have the ability to audit individual assets to ensure compliance, deliver a collaborative system that all of your staff, contractors, suppliers or consultants can feed into, issue email alerts for assets dropping out of compliance, and up or download any type of document, schedule, guides, images, drawings and video to individual assets… everything you could ever need.

Audit Management

Vision Pro Software allows for auditing of ANYTHING and EVERYTHING.  Whether you wish to duplicate your current system within the software or start afresh, the workflow that you use for your processes is your choice!  Being collaborative and easy to use, all your staff, contractors and consultants can carry out audits onsite using the Vision Mobile App which will download the live data into the system.

Building Condition Management

Vision Pro Software delivers the perfect, efficient, professional workflow for any organisation undertaking one-off, annual or frequent building condition surveys providing a collaborative, all-in-one system to help manage compliance and cohesion.

Fire Risk Management

Whether using the PAS79 template, your own bespoke workflow or you want to start afresh, Vision Pro Software helps manage fire risk, allowing the embedding of assets – with use of the asset tags – within the workflow/template.  Compliance email alerts, collaborative feeds and interactive dashboards makes Vision Pro Software the ideal tool to help any organisation manage its fire risk.

Legionella Risk Management

Vision Pro Software allows you to upload your own or build a bespoke risk assessment template with embedded water assets – using the Vision-tag – to deliver a comprehensive and compliant workflow.

Mobile Apps

Vision Mobile Apps deliver complete flexibility allowing onsite data collection and the up or downloading of any reports, certificates, schedules, drawings, plans, images or video footage.  With the correct permissions in place all of your staff, contractors and consultants can help build and retain your data to enable you to manage your entire property portfolio.

Asbestos Management

Vision Pro Software delivers the most comprehensive hosting tool to help you manage your asbestos risk.  Combined with the use of Vision-tags to help identify ACMs, this software system is the professional way to manage compliance, works and costs throughout your premises or sites.