Surveyor / Consultant

As a Consultant or Surveyor you need the ability to view and edit information quickly and easily and have the confidence in that information to be current and correct.

When creating Vision software, Assets & Compliance Managed Services UK, took their developers into the field to get a better understanding of what contractors, consultants and surveyors need, how they interact with the system and, ultimately, what’s possible and what’s not when facing the physical demands of onsite data collection.  We believe that Vision delivers just what’s needed.

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To carry out surveys, inspections, assessments and audits, you simply download the Vision Mobile App, select which platform you need and follow the module or template, whether it be Asbestos or Fire, Legionella or Maintenance-focused.  The data is uploaded the minute an internet connection becomes available so if the site itself doesn’t have internet connection or there are black spots, the live data collected by you will upload and become instantly available to those who need it when connectivity becomes available.  No need to create time for report writing, the data is live.

You can upload images or even video footage of, say, hard to access areas.

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You can carry out fire risk assessments, legionella risk assessments, building condition surveys, maintenance audits.

You collate, edit, monitor and manage assets via the Vision Mobile App (V-tag Viewer).

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