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Collate real-time data in a structured, centralised database that will give you full access to all your risk compliance information.

With Vision software you can collate real-time data in a structured, centralised database that will give you full access to all your risk compliance, assets, audits and maintenance management information.  Visibility and transparency allows you to schedule works and budget efficiently across your entire portfolio.  The risk compliance databases and customised templates for health and safety needs such as fire, legionella and asbestos ensure adherence to UK legal requirements.

Vision supports all real estate processes for owners, landlords, Property or Facilities Managers, consultants and contractors and provides cost-savings, resource efficiencies to help you manage your organisation’s business strategy with confidence.

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“Leading UK Asbestos Consultancy, Oracle Solutions, has adopted Vision to manage both their own in-house requirements and that of their clients.  The Vision Mobile App delivers flexibility, allowing their surveyors to collect and edit data on-site whether that’s for managing asbestos, identifying H&S assets or carrying out audits.  “With the live data uploaded to Vision, it saves both time and money in unnecessary report writing.  The live data is immediately available to all who need to see it, so actioning and costing remedials, repairs and replacements is clearly visible allowing us to schedule effectively and deliver compliance.”

Jess Scott

Managing Director, Oracle Asbestos Solutions

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