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Facilitating responsive and efficient site management across all sectors

Vision Pro Software is a versatile site management software application that allows estate management companies to efficiently monitor and manage the current state of their property portfolio.

Vision Pro has been designed to integrate seamlessly with Mobile Apps to facilitate responsive and efficient site management across all sectors. From identifying, managing and maintaining asbestos to carrying out fire and legionella risk assessments to undertaking audits and tagging your organisation’s valuable assets. From the up/downloading of live data enabling contractors, surveyors and maintenance personnel to work effectively and efficiently to deliver your business’s needs. CAD drawings and video footage can be uploaded, as can evacuation plans. Significant findings and temperature monitoring are also available to users. Flexible and diverse, the Vision Mobile App is an asset to any organisation.

Furthermore, Vision Pro can be customised to the needs of those tasked with the site management. Alerts will notify the relevant personnel of upcoming deadlines to ensure that you are always fully compliant with the latest legislation and compliance requirements.

As Vision is a cloud-based system, your site information can be accessed anytime, anywhere. This gives a real-time view of the current state of your site, its condition, and any compliance risks. Having such information will not only help streamline your business but allow you to be more productive, thus saving you time and money.

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“M-Four are a forward thinking Fire Safety, Energy Efficiency, Asset Management Consultancy based in Scotland who were looking at ways of better managing fire risk for a wide range of clients. 

Making full use of the Vision Mobile App and Vision-tag to locate, identify, manage and monitor fire risk equipment and services across their client-base, they can manage fire risk not just host fire risk information and documentation for clients..

 “We have deployed Vision-tags to several sites and we already see the benefit of the system. We can see when inspections are complete with real-time reporting. I think this project is a game-changer when it comes to validating compliance.”

David Falla MSc IEng MIET CIWFM

Associate Director, M-Four

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