Vision Tag

Now you can tag ANY asset ANYWHERE

Now you can tag ANY asset, ANYWHERE

Forget barcodes and QR codes, tagging is the way forward!  Unobtrusive, easy to use, long lifespan with numerous styles to fit any size or shape of equipment or machinery.

Vision-tags are now fully integrated into both the Vision software and the Vision Mobile Apps to enable you to scan, read, register, access and update live data at site level.  The Vision-tag can be used for assets, audits (from fire to legionella to building condition and maintenance) and managing asbestos.

How does the Vision-tag work?

Once downloaded and authorised to do so, you simply hold up a compatible mobile device (most mobile phones are now compatible) to a Vision-tag located on, say, a door jamb, and the live data for that room becomes instantly available.

You can tag at site, building, floor or room level.

In the case of asbestos  this will allow you instant access to information on any asbestos containing materials (ACM’s) located within the room, including photographs, without having to log-in to the software platform, drill down or search for that particular room or worse.. refer to an out-of-date Site Register.  Time-saving and immediate!

Click here to view the Vision Tag brochure or download it as a PDF to find out more details about the benefits of using Vision Tags

Also, the Vision-tag will provide the client a register of anyone who has accessed the room or location whether they’ve logged-onto site or not – a task which often gets overlooked!

Vision TagIn the case of Assets the Vision-tag allows the authorised user to access information on Assets within that relevant area and any checks, maintenance, servicing or remedial works that may be required will become immediately apparent.

These tags can also be fitted to individual compliance items from fire and legionella equipment to emergency lighting.  Plant and machinery often get overlook…not if they are tagged.  The tags identify the location and the current condition of the equipment making managing your organisation’s assets more efficient.

Also, all data pertaining to individual assets such as servicing schedules, training videos, manuals, parts itineraries, etc., can be stored in Vision against individual or groups of assets.  The software can also log when the tag was accessed and by whom, ensuring time efficiency and a good cross-reference for invoicing.  Information to the Vision-tag can be updated on each visit or be locked so the information stored in un-editable and therefore tamper-proof.

The tags can also be used in the monitoring and maintaining of water systems, in that, once the Vision-tags are applied, remote temperature checking can be carried out as often as required, making managing your legionella risk much less time consuming and more productive. 


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